It All Starts with a Strategy


Unlike many agencies we truly see our role as that of a partner.  Some agencies are content with just providing what a client asks for--we strive to do that but to also help the client understand what they need and what's most important.

Our long-time clients have grown to depend on TMG as a critical part of the development process for their marketing and advertising programmes.  We sit in on strategy summits and provide our expertise to help craft strategies and later tactics to accomplish the goals the client sets for their campaigns.

We're not always the easiest agency to work with because we challenge our clients...but in a good way.  We ask questions, we avoid doing things without understanding why we are doing them.  In that way, and in only that way, can we really advise a client on the best path through an often tricky and treacherous competitive landscape.

AND we are always cognizant of the fact that our name and reputation is at stake with every piece of work that we produce--so we, along with our client, both have vested interests in creating the best possible strategy and deploying the most effective tactics.


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