Social Media


Is Your Business Social?


Social media integration is becoming an integral part of any marketing campaign.  But it's more than just sending out a tweet.  Building fulling integrated social campaigns means building not just outgoing social media messaging but also creating trigger mechanisms and capture vehicles that allow you to capitalize on a true "conversation."

Social media, more than any other media, is about content.  It's not enough to simply blast your sales or branding message.  Social media is really more akin to public relations.  It's about having a conversation with your customers, providing them information that they need, when and where they need it--whether it's on their phone, tablet or computer.

At TMG we have built a strong reputation for ourselves in the social media community because we build content that is second to none.  Whether it's a digital magazine that you can share with your customers, or a video series that answers questions and inspires.  We take your social media campaign beyond tweeting what you had for lunch into a space that is engaging and entertaining.

Here is some of the types of components of social campaigns we provide to our clients:

  • Website Social Integration
  • Video Content for websites and Youtube Channels
  • White Papers, Digital Magazines and Articles to share with followers
  • Social Media and Facebook "Like" Based Promotions and Sweepstakes
  • Tools and App Development
  • Blogger Outreach and Events
  • Web Based Public Relations Platform Development

One aspect of social media, that's terribly important but something we don't do ourselves is that actual management of social media content.  If you're looking for someone to manage your individual social media properties or customer comments/tweet response we are happy to put you in contact with one of our vendor partners who are AWESOME at making your business shine through social media management.


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