About Us

A Boutique Agency with Big Agency Scope


TMG Toronto was launched in 2005 by marketing professionals from various segments of the marketing industry.  We founded the company with a desire to help businesses throughout North America implement smart, cost-effective marketing programmes that truly have an impact on the bottom line

Most of the principals at TMG have spent a lot of time on the client side of the burins. We've all worked with agencies, some great, some not so great--but we started our own agency because we saw a profound shortage of creative shops that were willing to provide more than just short term tactical solutions.

As clients we wanted an agency that truly understood our business, or challenges and the real tangible results that we needed to keep our respective businesses competitive.  Finding few agencies that lived up to our desires, we made a commitment to ourselves and our clients to always be the agency we wanted when we were in your shoes.

We're a small agency, we like being a small agency but don't let our size lead you to think we don't deliver big results.  We've built our business model on finding the best in the field experts, and then creating teams of those experts that match both your business and needs.

Take a look at what we do.  We're experts in marketing, advertising and design and have made the investments in digital, video and mobile app production.  Reach out if you think we can be of assistance we're happy to have a conversation to see if we are the right fit for your business.

What Makes Us Different?


We Run Lean. You Save Money.
We don't have expensive offices or box seats at sporting events.  The downside, no front row seats paid for by the agency, the upside?  Your bill reflects it.  But just because we don't spend resources on superficial things doesn't mean we don't invest in the best, brightest and most dedicated professionals in the business.


You Alway Get Our A-Team.
Speaking about our team. Understand that because we are a boutique by design, it means you will always get a principal leading the charge on your project.  We've all been lured by big agencies that start out with a VP at every meeting only to find out 6 months later that the intern is managing our projects.  That doesn't happen with TMG Toronto.


We Think Outside the Box But Understand YOUR Box.
It's a cliché, we know.  Everyone says they think outside the box, but few can think outside the box while understanding the box that clients have to work within.  We take the time to understand your business, the constraints and opportunities that you have to live within.  THEN we think outside the box.  It's an important aspect that many agencies forget.

Our Team

  • Justin Hammons
    Justin Hammons is a creative professional with nearly 20 years of experience in the creative marketing and…
  • Eva Goldberg
    Eva Goldberg brings over 15 years of art direction, programme management, digital development and still photography to…
  • Sharyn Smith
    Resourceful and uniquely inventive, Sharyn excels at finding ways to develop and sustain, mutually beneficial, long lasting…
  • James Grevas
    James Grevas is a Principal and founding partner of Actio Marketing. As a 20 plus year B2B…
  • Garrett Klassen
    The hardest thing any writer can do is to write about themselves. A writer’s job is to…
  • Stojan Vujkov
    Full stack web developer, qualified in complete web production and hybrid mobile application development, with 15 years…